Over 25 Years

On the Road Experience// 

About Me

I have had many experiences involving driving an assortment of vehicles.  Currently, I hold a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) driving TheBus, and also educate our teens and adults through a drivers education program.  

Here on the Island of Oahu, we have all seen the many challenges in the actions of our roadway users and the roads itself.  As the vehicle lanes have gotten smaller, there is a need to modify the way we operate motorized vehicles to ensure and protect our safety as well as the safety of the other roadway users in our community.


Currently, as a CDL driver, I will educate our teens and adults about the many hazards of driving in the community, learning to become a safe defensive driver.  With safety as a top priority, I will focus on Attitude, Awareness, Adapting to severe road and weather conditions, putting us 1 step ahead to preventing crashes.