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My name is Jason Mizuuchi, and I am the founder of 1 Step Ahead Driving School, LLC.  The reason I am involved in educating teens and young adults is the number of CRASHES that resulted in either injury or a loss of life. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the leading cause of death for teens 16-19 years of age, in the United States is motor vehicle crashes.  In 2013, 2,163 teens from ages 16-19 were killed, that means every day 6 teens have died, and 243,243 were injured in motor vehicle crashes.    

With driver education programs, I believe the roads can be safer to prevent crashes.  With my experience, I will educate our teens and young adults promoting safety while focusing on their attitudes, awareness, and the ability to adapt to adverse road and weather conditions.  With education, my students will be 1 step ahead of preventing crashes and saving lives. 

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